Chapter… I forgot to keep track.

I see the women from my dream. “Mrs.Star!” I squeak. “Get up!” She says, pointing a sword at me. “Don’t make me…” When I get up, I feel really weak, like I haven’t had any food or water for days. She wraps a rope around my wrists, like handcuffs. She pulls me outside. “Follow me.” She whispers. I obey.

She brings me to a strange shop. We go in.

By Lu

Chapter 12

“Small Leaf!” Says SF “Stop!” The girl puts down her sword. “That’s my sister.” say SF. Then he gous in another room. The girl knocks me on the head with her sword.

In my dream, I see SO. She is walking to a tall strange bilding with a swing set and slide in the back.

A few minets after the bullies leave, the bus stops. “We are here.” said the bus driver. As we walked down the else of the bus, Silly Sword sees that the school is taller then she expected. There was a small swing set and slide in the back of the bilding. A person comes out. She had long blound hair and a ugly face. She wore a black jacket and pants with a white shirt and a nametag that said ‘Mrs.Star”


A person comes out of the bilding. “Help Mrs.Star! PLease!” says SO. “No such thing” says the outher person. “But my friend is in troble!” The person hits her on the head with a book. “SO! No!” I say. Then the person gous after me. I run.

I wake up. “Hello my little one!” I hear.

By Lu

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Hi guys! I have 2 things to say. The first one is: I am *takes deep breath* really, really, really, really, really, really sorry I have not posted in a while! For the titles sake, I am having a contest! “YES!!!!” Be queit Lulu!
Silly Sword’s Story will soon have Drawings!! The contest is….who ever draws the best drawing of this poptropican will get to draw the drawing for the story!:


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Also to enter you will have to have an email and you will have to make every single detail the best and can be and if,I said IF, you win you will have to make everything the best it can be. Thank you

By Lu

Chapter 12

Sorry it’s so long!

I see something on the shelf. “The cure!” CL leaves. “Do not touch anything……OR ELSE!!!” He says right before he leaves. I grab for the cure. Some of it spills. I try to be more careful. I drink it. “Ah Ha!’ CL! I look around for wepens. I see a sword. I grab it. I attack!  I slash him! At least, I try. He grabs my sword. He slashs me right on my sholder. I fall to the ground in pain! Then I hear a door open. I hear a sword being drawn. Then a clink of metel.  I become unconcis.


I wake up. I’m in a bed. My eye focis. I see a boy. “Are you okey?” he says. He seems concnerd.  “Yes.”  “By the way whats your name?” the boy says. “Silly Sword.”

“I’m Seiris Fire.” He looks at the slash on my sholder. “Paper cut?” He jokes. Then I hear something. I look behind me. A girl with a red pony tail comes in. She pulls out a sword from her belt and puts it agenst My neck. “Any last words?”


“Hey pints.” The bullies walk past SO and little Silly Sword. The main bully is a girl with red hair and a pony tail. “Leave us alone!” says SS.  “Oh ya. What can stop us, pint?!?”  “A gallon?” says SS. Evryone except the bullies giggle. “Ha ha ha… Do we have a jokester now?  The red hair bully pins her to a seat. “You lisen up pint. I’m in charge around here. So I can do what I want!” She losens her grip. “You Know what I mean?” Little Silly Sword nods quickly. “Good!”


“Help…”  I manage to squeak.

By Lu

Chapter 11

When I wake up I’m waring a robotic suit. CL is standing in front of me. ” I’ll start with some easy tests.”Sit.” He says. I don’t know why,but I sat. “It works!” He says. ” Come on. We are going to rob a bank!” I can’t help following him. Then it hits me. “The Powder. It was Hypnosis Powder!” I think. I try to punch CL but I can’t. “Don’t even try.” CL says.

By Lu

Chapter 10

When I wake up I’m in a tank. I try to scream but I can’t. I look around there’s a another tank next to me. “Strange Owl!’ I think! Then I’m in a different room. I feel a tap on the sholder. “Hello..” someone says. I turn around…slowly. At least, I try. I get pulled back. CL holds a can with words on it and throws some powder in my face. All I could read before I fainted was…


By Lu

Chapter 9

Hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 9

“What was that bottle?” I ask Strange Owl. Then the Ringmaster knocked SO unconscious. “So! SO! SO!!!!” I scream. Then the Ringmaster grabs me and pins me to the ground. “Come with me my little minion..” He whispers. He let go and I followed him. He brought me to a little cottage. When we were inside he gave me the bottle and said “Drink up..” When I drank it I Blacked out..

By Lu

new chapter

I freeze. “How could that be. He’s so nice.” Someone looks around the corner. It was Cuddly Lion. “Umm hi?” he says. He starts to pull a bottle out of his poket. “Ring Master ,don’t!” A girl runs around the corner of the sign. She looks at me and says “Hey, don’t I know you?”


“Mom! I can walk to the bus by myself!” a little Silly Sword says. “Ok, I guess you can go. I give up.” her mom, Hungry Wolf says. Silly Sword runs out the door and runs down the side walk to the Bus Stop on Early Poptropica. Soon she trips on a stick and falls. “Are you ok?” a voice asks “Yes, I’m fine. Can you help me up?” Soon a girl pulls her up. “Hi! I’m Strange Owl. I know that’s a strange name.” The girl suddenly seems sad. “I like that name. My name’s Silly Sword. Would you like to sit by me on the bus?” “Sure!” Strange Owl says.


“Strange Owl!” I scream. She hugs me. “I got memory back!” I think. “I wasn’t abandoned!”

By Lu

2 new chapter!

Here you go:

Chapter 6 Cuddly Lion
Suddenly I hear the door open. A boy runs in. The guy starts to fight the boy. Next thing I know, the guy is on the floor. The boy helps me up. He says “I’m Cuddly Lion.” “I’m Silly Sword.” I say. “Thank you for saving me.” He runs out the door without saying a word.
“That was strange.” I think. I walk out the door.

Chapter 7 Ringmaster
While I walk down the sidewalk I decide to watch an ad video so I can get an iPad. While I watch the video I hear 2 voices that both seemed familiar. “Ringmaster please don’t please!” Begs one voice. “I will and you can’t stop me!” Suddenly they stop talking. I know who the Ringmaster is.
It’s Cuddly Lion.

By Lu

New chapter

Chapter 5 Meeting Mom

“How do you know my name?” I say as I slowly turn Around. I shake Nervously. “I’m your new mom.” she said. Suddenly I Black out.

When I wake up I’m in a bed at the pharmacy on Monster Carnival Island. I see Dr.Dan running out the door. “Did he just grow a tail?” I say to myself. I try to get glass of water next to me. I just fall off the bed. “Well,well,well, look what we have here!” said a voice.

By Lu