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Chapter 6 Cuddly Lion
Suddenly I hear the door open. A boy runs in. The guy starts to fight the boy. Next thing I know, the guy is on the floor. The boy helps me up. He says “I’m Cuddly Lion.” “I’m Silly Sword.” I say. “Thank you for saving me.” He runs out the door without saying a word.
“That was strange.” I think. I walk out the door.

Chapter 7 Ringmaster
While I walk down the sidewalk I decide to watch an ad video so I can get an iPad. While I watch the video I hear 2 voices that both seemed familiar. “Ringmaster please don’t please!” Begs one voice. “I will and you can’t stop me!” Suddenly they stop talking. I know who the Ringmaster is.
It’s Cuddly Lion.

By Lu