new chapter

I freeze. “How could that be. He’s so nice.” Someone looks around the corner. It was Cuddly Lion. “Umm hi?” he says. He starts to pull a bottle out of his poket. “Ring Master ,don’t!” A girl runs around the corner of the sign. She looks at me and says “Hey, don’t I know you?”


“Mom! I can walk to the bus by myself!” a little Silly Sword says. “Ok, I guess you can go. I give up.” her mom, Hungry Wolf says. Silly Sword runs out the door and runs down the side walk to the Bus Stop on Early Poptropica. Soon she trips on a stick and falls. “Are you ok?” a voice asks “Yes, I’m fine. Can you help me up?” Soon a girl pulls her up. “Hi! I’m Strange Owl. I know that’s a strange name.” The girl suddenly seems sad. “I like that name. My name’s Silly Sword. Would you like to sit by me on the bus?” “Sure!” Strange Owl says.


“Strange Owl!” I scream. She hugs me. “I got memory back!” I think. “I wasn’t abandoned!”

By Lu

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