Chapter 12

Sorry it’s so long!

I see something on the shelf. “The cure!” CL leaves. “Do not touch anything……OR ELSE!!!” He says right before he leaves. I grab for the cure. Some of it spills. I try to be more careful. I drink it. “Ah Ha!’ CL! I look around for wepens. I see a sword. I grab it. I attack!  I slash him! At least, I try. He grabs my sword. He slashs me right on my sholder. I fall to the ground in pain! Then I hear a door open. I hear a sword being drawn. Then a clink of metel.  I become unconcis.


I wake up. I’m in a bed. My eye focis. I see a boy. “Are you okey?” he says. He seems concnerd.  “Yes.”  “By the way whats your name?” the boy says. “Silly Sword.”

“I’m Seiris Fire.” He looks at the slash on my sholder. “Paper cut?” He jokes. Then I hear something. I look behind me. A girl with a red pony tail comes in. She pulls out a sword from her belt and puts it agenst My neck. “Any last words?”


“Hey pints.” The bullies walk past SO and little Silly Sword. The main bully is a girl with red hair and a pony tail. “Leave us alone!” says SS.  “Oh ya. What can stop us, pint?!?”  “A gallon?” says SS. Evryone except the bullies giggle. “Ha ha ha… Do we have a jokester now?  The red hair bully pins her to a seat. “You lisen up pint. I’m in charge around here. So I can do what I want!” She losens her grip. “You Know what I mean?” Little Silly Sword nods quickly. “Good!”


“Help…”  I manage to squeak.

By Lu