Chapter 12

“Small Leaf!” Says SF “Stop!” The girl puts down her sword. “That’s my sister.” say SF. Then he gous in another room. The girl knocks me on the head with her sword.

In my dream, I see SO. She is walking to a tall strange bilding with a swing set and slide in the back.

A few minets after the bullies leave, the bus stops. “We are here.” said the bus driver. As we walked down the else of the bus, Silly Sword sees that the school is taller then she expected. There was a small swing set and slide in the back of the bilding. A person comes out. She had long blound hair and a ugly face. She wore a black jacket and pants with a white shirt and a nametag that said ‘Mrs.Star”


A person comes out of the bilding. “Help Mrs.Star! PLease!” says SO. “No such thing” says the outher person. “But my friend is in troble!” The person hits her on the head with a book. “SO! No!” I say. Then the person gous after me. I run.

I wake up. “Hello my little one!” I hear.

By Lu

CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! I have 2 things to say. The first one is: I am *takes deep breath* really, really, really, really, really, really sorry I have not posted in a while! For the titles sake, I am having a contest! “YES!!!!” Be queit Lulu!
Silly Sword’s Story will soon have Drawings!! The contest is….who ever draws the best drawing of this poptropican will get to draw the drawing for the story!:


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