My poptropican┬áturned back so here’s the story

sorry it’s so short

Silly Sword’s Story
Chapter 4 think
“That name sounds familiar.” I say to myself. Then I suddenly know where I heard that name before. I saw her on the news last night. Shy Eye,the mechanic. “I wonder why she’s here. Maybe she’s here to fix a blimp or something.” She looks at me and comes closer. I run. “Wait,Silly Sword come back!” she says. I freeze.


By Lu


Yesterday my poptropica account turned in to a boy so I can’t finish the story till it’s fixed










By Lu

Silly sword’s Story

Hello I’m lula4schmidt this is my new story blog. Any way this the story so far.

Chapter 1 moving
I look at the orphanage one last time. “I’ll miss this place.” I say to myself. My parents abandoned me when I was born. I remember how cold it was on that winter day. When someone found me I was so cold my tiny heart was barely beating. They brought me to that orphanage. I always felt that place was my home. I say good bye. I jump into the bus and look out the window at the orphanage
Until it disappeared.
Chapter 2 the blimp port
When I got to the blimp port I start to cry a little. I give my blimp ticket to the caption. He noticed I was crying. “What’s the matter?” He asked. “I’m going to my new parent’s house on back lot island.” Before he could say anything else to me I ran to the blimp. I go on it. “Good bye.” I say quietly.
Chapter 3 the ride
The blimp started rising. I hold on to the sides of the blimp. I was afraid. Soon it was night. I fall asleep.

I wake up with a start. “We’re here!” I thought. I get out of the blimp. Some one wearing something that Said “Mechanic Shy Eye” came Toward me.

By Lu